Associated Since 1994
Aumund Fordertechnik, the Group's conveying and storage specialist and a pioneer for applications with hot bulk materials of either abrasive or dusty character, is also responsible for the marketing of the Group's resources and products in the Cement, Lime and Gypsum Industry as well as the Metallurgical and Mining Industry.

Identifying technology trends, research and development and innovation to suit the specific need of plant operation, new process requirements and bulk materials played an important role in building up the reputation as a leading supplier of quality equipment with high technological standards.
We have partnered with Aumund Engineering, India for fabrication & supply of Bucket Elevators, Pan & Apron Conveyors, Samson Feeders, Airslides, Ship unloaders, Rotary Sluice, Silo Discharge gates for almost all the Cement Plants in India & for many overseas projects too.
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