Since 1996, FAM has been represented nationally and internationally by 11 subsidiaries.
With globally established presence we are supplying high quality machines worldwide. The FAM Group is a medium-sized organization headquartered in Germany with a proven history as a manufacturer of modern bulk material handling systems. FAM GmbH plans, designs and manufactures turnkey equipment for the mining, construction and chemicals industries.
FAM values sustainability, integrity, quality, transparency and fairness. FAM strive for sincere and cooperative relationships with our suppliers, customers, partners and employees. Additionally, it excel through a collaborative leadership style respecting the personal dignity, privacy and rights of each individual.
FAM commitment to quality is paramount for the companyís sustainability. The FAM Group has been certified to the highest Quality Standards and maintains these certifications through continuous improvement of our internal business structures and processes and a rigorous Quality Management System.
FAM is committed to the betterment of the environment and makes it a priority to use the expertise and resources at our disposal efficiently and environmentally friendly.
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